Big Celebrations and Huge Blessings


Big Celebrations and Huge Blessings

leaf-1019517_640We take a week's vacation for Thanksgiving and travel to my daughter-in-law's sister's house for a huge Thanksgiving dinner. There are always 25 to 30 people and everyone brings sides and desserts and the hosts make the turkey. My daughter-in-law's brother-in-law is a gourmet chef type person. He always makes a wonderful turkey on the big green egg with some sort of wonderful glaze. All the attendees bring their special recipe side dishes and the buffet is one to behold. We all eat until we can't move.

There are people you only see once a year, immediate family and extended friends. It is a hodge podge of people who all seem to truly be just a giant "family". Laughter and stories abound. Football plays on the TV and the guys are heard yelling for their team. Clean up goes fast with so many hands to put things away and clean up dishes.

My immediate family is small. I only have one son who does not have children. It is such a wonderful blessing that my daughter-in-law's family has assimilated us into their clan. We feel very much a part of the extended family and never feel like the "outsiders", even though this is only our third Thanksgiving with the group.

Everyone fawns over Mom and are always amazed at her spunk at the ripe old age of 93. She is even included by the youngest of the bunch, who asks her to tell him stories about when she was growing up back in the dark ages.

My son is truly loved by his in-laws. It warms my heart to know they love him like their own. He never had brothers ans sisters, so I am glad he found a great family of sibling-in-laws.

Each year I wonder, what will next year bring? Will we be here in this warmth of family life, or will something keep us away? Will all of us be in attendance next year?

I wish this gathering could go on forever. Feeling comforted in the love of family. I hope we are all there again next year to make our special sides and rave over the wonderful turkey. This is what Thanksgiving is all about, giving thanks for all we have.

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Lillie Fuller

Sounds like a wonderful time! So many blessings!


Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. I'm so glad. :)


Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I hope you filled up your Happy Bank with lots of deposits of warm and comforting memories, to draw from at your leisure all year long.