Big Screen TV


Big Screen TV

I sit here among the packaging that, until earlier tonight, held a 50 inch screen TV. The TV is sitting on the floor. "Why?, you might as, did I choose to put the TV on the floor. Ah, good question and deserving of a good answer. Many years ago we bought one of the TVs that are the size of a small VW. It refuses to give up the ghost. In fact, it is perfectly fine. It Imay live beyond my lifetime. But it is missing one thing that is vitally important. One thing that ranks right up there with global warming and world peace. It does not have one single HDMI port. Not one! Until recently I did not know what an HDMI port was and I certainly did not know that our massive TV was missing one. That one small factor has been the death of a perfectly good TV. Well, that and the fact that it takes three men to get it off of the shelves where it sits staring down at us like a hulk of a monster on top of a mountain. Ouch! I felt a pinch of shame for speaking that way about such a faithful friend. It is true and has never given us one minute of trouble. Yet it will soon be headed for the dump. No one else wants it either. No HDMI! How big is it? Because I am clever and at the same time have no sense I also have a medium sized old TV and a baby one. Not a HDMI port between them. My only consolation is that they will comfort each other when I take them to the dump.

The source and sole reason for this purchase, at this particular time, is my husband. He has a form of dementia. He is home all the time. He loves ROKU. ROKU loves HDMI. My husband has a black belt in sitting on the sofa staring with a forlorn look on his face while watching cable TV. He fidgets. He sighs. He goes and takes a nap because there is "nothing to watch on TV" and he returns to repeat the pattern after about an hour.  I am a strong woman and I am a survivor. Just say it! The 50-inch screen TV with HDMI port is for me. It is for me because my husband will now sit in blissful contentment watching ROKU and searching for channels for long periods of time. Searching each row and then choosing a movie about World War II or the Civil War or, and these I cannot watch, horror movies that he has not seen before. Did you get the part "has not seen before"? It is an important part. He has seen the vast majority of movies made since the first, glorious days of the cinema! I have to leave the room when he continues searching and searching. He is not a well man and he has slow thinking processes. I do not want to do further damage by beating him on the head with the remote control to guessed it...ROKU. I bought myself peace of mind for the moment. I am worth it! Did I mention that he cannot find the volume control on the TV remote so he points the ROKU remote at the TV changing the show he is watching as he attempts to raise the volume. At that point I hear him calling my name. I go to his rescue. We get the correct channel, correct show and I hand him the remotes. We are both happy. Raise your hands if you think that will last.

I have Adult ADHD so I can do this switch on you. Did I mention that I think we have a transgender cat? He had no mom or dad so the "cat lady" raised him using a tiny baby bottle. He is Siamese and fit in the palm of our hands when we got him. He gained 10 pounds in a week. Just kidding. Nine days! He did not now how to be a cat. Our other cats taught him. They did not do a good job. He is different. I think he is transgender. My husband thinks I am a nutcase. Imagine that! The cat does not care one tiny bit what we think of him as long as we feed him, keep the litter clean and pay him some attention.

My husband's brain is dying one cell at a time. My brain is out for repairs. The cats rule. We have an HDMI port for the ROKU.  I must have abdicated my throne or signed one of those long agreements that come with everything these days. Abdication is the only explanation. Not a shot was fired. Just sayin'!

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Thanks, Deborah! My head is full of words. I love when they make some kind of sense.


I totally relate to the TV and remotes. Funny how the remotes aren't really \"broken\" a million times a day. But kinda cool how we continue to be our spouses \"hero\" in their world as they exclaim with delight \"you fixed it!\"