Birthday Celebration: Tweet Your Story


Birthday Celebration: Tweet Your Story

tweet-155281_640Every day this week, we’re celebrating’s 19th birthday with activities and prizes.

Today, we’re celebrating and breaking to disrupt on Twitter by sharing your caregiving stories; use this hashtag: #icare. You can share your story in several tweets, which could look like this:

I began caring for my grandmother 10 years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer. We now live together. #icare

I help my grandmother with her personal care and oversee her medical care. I advocate on her behalf for quality care. #icare

The toughest time for me was when I couldn’t find help in my community. I felt alone and isolated, stranded. #icare

I have support now, through family and friends and online. I am so grateful for the help and support I have which help me cope. #icare

The best thing I did was start a journal so that I could capture my days with my grandmother and express my worries and heartache. #icare

I recommend these resources for family caregivers: (insert recommended resources) #icare

We’re telling our stories of care today. Tell yours, too! And, follow our stories with our hashtag: #icare.

Once you share on Twitter, let us know in our comments section, below.

Once you share your update, let us know in our comments section, below. I’ll choose a random winner to receive a $10 gift card. When you post a comment today, you’ll also be entered to win our grand prize of $100 cash.

(Note: To win a daily prize and/or a grand prize, you must be a current or former family caregiver, a member of and participate in one of our daily disrupt activities. Not a member of Create your free account and join us.)

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Allison O'Brien

Wow!!! That is fantastic! Thank you very much! The tweet challenge was a great idea! You have such a creative way of getting people involved in activities Denise! You are amazing, and I agree that the tweets were great!


Congrats to <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@aobrien907</a> who won the gift card!!\n\nAnd, thank you all so much for your tweets!!!


Hello to you, Denise. Sorry, I have not worked out yet how I can send a private message to you - I think I managed it once but am not too sure... Please can you just delete the post I made to one of Goldies' posts. I lay awake all night thinking how stupid I had been by posting what I did as at the end of the day - unless someone has been through that experience - plus not wanting to cause any distress or anguish to members on this board - I am angry with myself for having made that post. It was just a bit of a 'low' time as I am accused from time to time by Mom that my caretaking is rather poor and my late brother would have done things a whole lot better and I just needed to somehow get rid of all that built up 'steam' inside of me. I do not want to cause distress to anyone as everyone on here is dealing with their own difficulties and in the wee hours of the morning I thought it had been totally wrong of me to have just gushed out my story. If it's possible - I would really appreciate it if you could kindly remove that particular post......\nMany thanks xoxo


Okay... just did the tweet - though I used my Twitter acct for Mo the Fairy (long story) because I couldn't remember how to sign out of this acct and back on to my acct. \n\nthis is what i said: for Goldie: #icare for caregivers everywhere - best group ever is - find support, friendship, and fun.\n\nI tell a lot of people about this site, mostly one to one.


Thank you so much <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@lillie</a> @aobrien907@hussy and <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@thedogmama</a>!! Your tweets were great!!

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