Birthday Celebration: Forgive


Birthday Celebration: Forgive

forgive_0Every day this week, we’re celebrating’s 18th birthday with activities and prizes, including three grand prizes (a beautiful piece of art, a $50 gift certificate to a knitting store and three coaching sessions with me).

Today, we're breaking to disrupt our life with forgiveness.

I think we all carry a regret or a shame. Maybe it's not something we think about every day or every week, but once in awhile, the memory comes up. And, we can feel that memory begin to control who we are. The memory haunts, belittles, controls. It's awful.

So, today, let's forgive ourselves for what we we wish we would have done differently or better or not at all. Let's disrupt our lives by being to kind to ourselves, by realizing we're doing the best we can and by letting a second chance, rather than a past regret, rule our day.

Here's mine: I forgive myself for the mistakes I make as I do my best to continue.

Then, share your forgiveness in our comments section, below. I'll choose a random winner to receive products donated by @lisarae: Femme fragrance by Avon--1.7 fl. oz eau de parfum spray and 6.7 fl. oz. body lotion. "One of our newest fragrances with a floral/fruity/musk scent," Lisa says. "Perfect for late summer and gives you that 'dressed up' feeling." A $40 value.

(Not a member of It’s easy and free to join; just go here.)

Today, let's let forgiveness change our life.

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I forgive myself for feeling sometimes resentful and remind myself that no matter how I feel, I'm here, I'm showing up.