Birthday Celebration: Have Fun


Birthday Celebration: Have Fun

800px-Happy_balloonsEvery day this week, we’re celebrating’s 17th birthday with activities and prizes, including a grand prize of $300.

Today, we’re celebrating by taking time to have fun.

At some point today, do something fun, even if for only five minutes. You could take a break to play a game, enjoy your backyard, listen to your favorite music. However you define fun, take time today to enjoy it.

Then, share how you had fun in our comments section, below. When you post a comment here, you’ll be entered into a chance to win one of our daily prizes and one of our grand prizes. To win a daily prize and/or a grand prize, you must be a family caregiver, a member of and participate in one of our daily disrupt activities. Not a member of It’s easy and free to join; just go here.

Today, let’s have fun.

Congrats to the winners of yesterday’s daily prizes:
–@jan won a copy of @ejourney’s eBook, Caregiving in Five Lines;
–@comicvixen won copy of our eBook, An Anthology: Help, Comedy, Forgiveness, Gifts, which features the stories of family caregivers;
–@donna won Take Comfort and Take Comfort, Too, the MP3s, audio versions (in my voice) of my books, Take Comfort and Take Comfort, Too.

Look for an email this afternoon with your win.

Learn about our week-long birthday celebration, including our eligibility requirements to win the daily and grand prizes, here.

Be sure to share what caregiving is like for you in our annual family caregiver survey. Take our survey here. Please ask other family caregivers you know to complete the survey, too. (Thank you!!)

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Yesterday was our disruption for fun. My fun yesterday was being a guest on the radio program Cross Link Radio on blog talk radio. I had to be up early for the interview but it was a great time!


I was finally able to find some time after my husband and son went to bed. I curled up on the couch with popcorn and watched a light comedy that I'd gotten at the library.


i was able to do two things today that brought a smile to my face. First i was able to go and have a cup of coffee with a good friend. She had been caring for a family friend and the friend passed away last night so i was able to bring so happiness to my friend. \r\n\r\nSecond, i was able to get mom and dad both to want to get out of the house. I took them to a little mom and pop rstaurant we have here and got them a hamburger and fries. They were so happy. To top it off we went around the lake to count the turtles.

Casandra Porter

This was hard to do today, as I have been suffering from a major migraine because of the weather, I assume. But we did venture out into the next town over and tried a new Hawaiian BBQ place. It was fun. We ate and chatted about childhood memories. We ended up laughing a lot. It was unexpected fun but it was still very much fun to talk about things that weren't bills, doctor visits, symptoms or our unknown future.

Chris MacLellan

Tonight after I get home from work, I am going to surprise 'The Little One' with a trip to his favorite ice cream parlor! Of course, I benefit from this fun trip too, because its my favorite ice cream parlor as well! I see coconut and pistachio in our future this evening!