Birthday Celebration: Take a Risk


Birthday Celebration: Take a Risk

tandem-skydivers-713708_640Every day this week, we’re celebrating’s 19th birthday with activities and prize. We’ve been disrupting during our celebration–sharing caregiving stories on Facebook and Twitter, forgiving ourselves, having fun and honoring our carees.

Today, we’re celebrating and breaking to disrupt our destiny by taking a risk. It could be a little risk or a giant one. It could be saying “hello” to a stranger or confiding in a trusted source what’s been weighing on your heart for way too long. It could be saying “Yes” to an action or a relationship which terrifies you because it moves you out of your comfort zone or saying “No” to an action or relationship which no longer fits in your life.

Once you decide on your risk, let us know in our comments section.

I’ll choose a random winner to receive a $10 gift card. When you post a comment today, you’ll also be entered to win our grand prize of $100 cash.

(Note: To win a daily prize and/or a grand prize, you must be a current or former family caregiver, a member of and participate in one of our daily disrupt activities. Not a member of Create your free account and join us.)


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Congrats to <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@yolanda</a> who won the $10 gift card!!\n\nThank you all so much for sharing your risks. And, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@terri</a>, I totally understand how nice it is to write without the eyes of family members reading. :)


I don't know if this counts but today I went to a tattoo shop to talk about getting a memorial tattoo for my Grandpa. I was nervous but I did it, the shop guys were really nice and helpful. Now I have an appointment, it's going to be my way of honoring my Grandpa on the one year anniversary of his passing.


I took somewhat of a risk today and wrote to my brother, telling him about our niece's cancer diagnosis and asking if he would check in with our sister and see if they need help financially. I don't ever feel comfortable asking for money - not for me or anyone else. \n\nMy risk of the week was talking about this site on Facebook. As much as I'm enjoying having my blog posts here and sharing with others, I'm very self-conscious when it comes to having any of my family, even cousins, read my blog articles. Extended family members have had a much different relationship with my mom than I did and even my brothers had a different experience of her. So, that was my big risk!


My so-not-in-my-comfort-zone action is rejoining the gym. I'm embarrassed to have my fellow gym members see how out of shape I have become. (She who could plank with the best of them now reduced to modified push-ups!) But...I'm trying. I'm doing the best that I can.