Birthday Celebration: Today, Honor Your Caree with a Story


Birthday Celebration: Today, Honor Your Caree with a Story

learning-164332_640Every day this week, we’re celebrating’s 18th birthday with activities and prizes, including three grand prizes (a beautiful piece of art, a $50 gift certificate to a knitting store and three coaching sessions with me).

Today, we’re celebrating in honor of your carees by sharing a favorite memory or story.

What's the memory of your caree, during good health, that you treasure the most? What's your favorite story about your caree? What memory of your caree will you hold dear for years to come?

Share your memory and stories in our comments section, below. I'll choose a random winner to receive Take Comfort, Too the audio book, which features 80 minutes of comforts to enjoy while driving, waiting or when you need to relax.

Have fun!

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Thank you both so much for these stories!! You both won. :) I'll send you both a private message.


In the third grade, I had a teacher who absolutely hated me. Everything I said or did seemed to make her angry. I came home crying about it, and I wanted Mom to fix it. She said, \"You need to talk to the teacher and tell her how you feel.\" Talk to the teacher? By myself?? She persuaded me that it was the only way to solve the problem. So I did it. I asked the teacher if I could speak to her in the hall, and I told her how it seemed like she was always angry with me and I didn't understand why. I don't remember the conversation in any detail, but it worked. The teacher saw me in a completely different light after that and she became my favorite teacher, the one I would go back and visit for years. Later Mom told me how hard it was for her not to intervene on my behalf, but she believed in me and my ability to speak up for myself.

Donna Bates

When my husband brought me to the house where he lived with his mom, he said, \"she's not as smart as she use to be.\"\r\nAfter a short introduction, we visited while he went out to the shop. I quickly assessed her early stage of dementia. I told her about my assisted living career and hospital CNA status. She then asked me 4 questions clear as a bell.\r\n*Do you like this town? (yes)\r\n*Do you like my house? (yes)\r\n*Has my son asked you to marry him yet? (no)\r\n*Would you say yes? (yes)\r\nThen she said \"I'll have a talk that boy.\" (he's 55 years old)\r\nWe were married in her living room 2 weeks later. \r\nSilly, man. She is as smart as she use to be! It is just buried a little deeper these days but never doubt, it is still there.