Birthdays and Sad Days


Birthdays and Sad Days

Birthdays are always something that most of us look forward to. Well, not everyone but my family has never been one that's shied away from age. I'm proud I've lived as long as I have, and I think all of my family is the same way. We're just grateful we're here.

Saturday was my Dad's 89th birthday and I wanted to something to make it special for him. So I began a "Card Party" on Facebook. Most of my classmates and childhood friends remember Dad well, plus I have lots of friends of Mom's who are on Facebook and so on and so on. I invited them all to send Dad a card and include a special memory of him they have, if any. I started this about 10 days prior to his birthday and to my surprise, the cards started coming. Every day there would be more, then stacks began to come. By the time his birthday was here, he had over 50 cards! They were from everyone to church family, neighbors, friends of mine, fellow caregivers and old friends and family.

In addition to the cards, which was the largest part of our celebration, we had family that came to visit. Two of my cousins who are sisters drove about four hours to spend the afternoon with Dad. We laughed and cried and ate and talked about so many things. Oh the things I learned about my Mom. I was so touched when I read one of the cards to him from one of my cousins, Ann, that came. She had written a note in it that said, "You are the best Uncle I have ever had." Yes,I wiped some tears and we had lots of laughs. Her sister also brought Dad a plate of homemade fudge from Mom's recipe (I can't make it) and he was thrilled.

On top of that, I made his favorite dessert to enjoy--banana pudding--and my hairdresser who Dad loves (and also is an excellent baker), made him a delicious chocolate cake. Add my daughter cooking dinner for us and oh what a day we had. I don't think we have laughed that much in a long time. What a blessing that was. You wouldn't think a card means much but it does.

Enter in now the remainder of my title, sad days. The reason these two go together is the fact that six years ago after we had celebrated Dad's birthday in full form, my mom passed away the next day. That's right--the day after his birthday is the anniversary of my mama's passing. That day is hard on everyone. Ask anyone that's lost a parent, or anyone close to them for that matter.

We continue to keep Mom's memory alive all the time. I see her hand over this house constantly. While at times I couldn't help but stop and think about it at times, we still had a birthday celebration to continue. So we had desserts (plenty), I ordered pizza, and Dad watched his sports and rested. My daughter and I enjoyed some "Madea therapy" to laugh to finish out the day.

Was it hard? Of course. Did I want to do anything at all this weekend? Nope. But I did, I have to keep going, keep Dad's spirits up and focus on him. That's what Mom would have wanted us to do.

Now that the weekend is gone and Monday Night Baseball is on I have the time to catch up here with my friends. I'm so glad, I've missed you all. I'm still struggling with many difficult things we're dealing with but we're pressing on through faith.

I'm attaching some pictures of our celebration and one of Dad and his forever sweetie. Love you all my friends!

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You did a fabulous job, Lisa, bringing the celebration to your dad. Thank you for bringing it to us, too. :)\r\n\r\nI love how you spent special moments with both of your parents on days that hold special meaning to all of you.


What a special day for you and for your dad. Wonderful photos! I'm so glad you had this opportunity, and that you made it happen. <3


Thank you all for your kind comments_mysql!!


Yes, beautiful post! You put it so well, the birthdays, sad days and lovely memories you are remembering but are still making with your dad. I love the picture of your folks. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


What a great post. I loved reading how you are honoring the lives of your parents past and present. Such a great idea about the cards he can read over and over again. I appreciated how you said your mother's \"hand\" was over your house, what a fitting phrase. You have learned to yield with grace to all of it. Thank you for sharing.

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