island-367017_640It just bites.

The day, the situation, the future, the past.

It's like life said to you, "Bite me."

At least that's how it feels.

If only you could just take a bite out of your debt, or out of your disappointment, or out of your bad luck. Because if you could take away some of the pain, you could feel better.

When it all bites, decide you deserve a taste of the good life. Sit back and day dream. With your eyes closed, take a trip to a beautiful location that calms and comforts you. Live in that day dream, where you enjoy peace rather than problems and joy rather than sadness. Create just the good life you want--surround yourself with those who love and support you, with those sounds that rejuvenate you and those sights that awe you. In your dream, you control the who and what.

In your mind's eye, live the good life. Bite back.

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Kara Vanderpool Ward

Love this blog!