Blessing For The Caregiver


Blessing For The Caregiver


Blessing for the Caregiver

Sending Encouragement

You wait.

You manage.

You do things you never thought you would do,

For someone you love.

You are well acquainted with pharmacy lines,

Expertly navigating hospitals,

Knowing what to ask at Doctor’s appointments,

And fully tuned in to the benefits and shortcomings of health insurance.

You are the caregiver, the care partner,

And so much more.

Your life, even on your bad days,

Makes someone else’s life better.

May you breathe the fresh air of peace,

And smile with unexpected joy.

May you receive the profundity of the simplest thank you,

And sense the return of love whether articulated or not.

May your kindness and loyalty

Be returned to you many times over.

And may you know deep within during quiet moments

That you have done well.

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