Blindingly Closeup Magic


Blindingly Closeup Magic

Wiccan-Wheel-of-the-Year Wiccan-Wheel-of-the-Year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Fro now: “The sun shines in your home— because you are there.”

'For now: “The sun shines in your home— because you are there.”
by Denise Brown in “Take Comfort,” page 51, @rainbow, @denise.

I don't know where to start except to say in response to @worriedwife that I am now convinced that we have a connection akin to magic in the sense that we know when one of us is in crisis or is typing or whatever is needed like when the phone rings and you know who it is before picking it up.

Why else would I be in 'Full Retreat Mode' @ejourneys typing my blog while you chat and know you'll understand I wasn't up to 'talking' right now?

Why else would I have come to this site immediately post filling out my SSI Disability Form saying over and over and over, "My depression is such that I cannot function" =  "(internal) I'm fine thank you now please pay me for the six jobs I am holding down, now go away, please, thank you?" Why else would people relate to the need to health care system stop minimizing us? Today at my Coffee Time a Coffee Pal as he calls himself said that those who are close to us are the hardest to help. I agree completely and include myself in that mix.

Mix together Wonder Woman (@lisa_03), The Hulk, Superman, Witches and Daemons Alike and you get Blindingly Closeup Magic that hides the river we cannot control and hinders our ability to stay strong and resonate with our power of us, our independence, and our strength.

Again I ask: Does this resonate with anyone because I'm wingin'  here in my writings and my life.



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Basically the magic that we as a community share in can be close that are blinded to our strength :) il


I have to say I'm not entirely clear, IL. Would you please enlighten me.......