explosion-1184001_640It can feel like caregiving set a stink bomb off in your life.

Because it all just stinks -- the declines, the decisions, the difficulties.

How do you make your way through the rubble?

Get up -- you can't get where you need to go sitting down. Cry -- you can't heal from the hurt without taking care of the pain.

Walk slowly, deliberately, focused on the next step or two. Take time to steady yourself. And, always keep your eyes ahead, even when you are tempted to turn around. You can bring your memories but don't weigh yourself down by chaining yourself to the past. You want to pack light for this journey.

With each step, you'll gain courage and confidence.

Your life may have blown up. You didn't lose, though, what you'll need most -- tenacity, wisdom, grit.

Keep going because that's how you recover. You are okay.

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Lillie Fuller