Book Club: Find Your Strengths

On Thursday afternoon, G-J and I discussed our August book club pick, Strengths Finder 2.0. You can listen to our discussion via the player below.

This month's book is more of a reference. After taking the book's online strengths assessment, you receive a report listing your top five strengths. During our discussion, G-J and I shared our strengths; I used the book to describe those strengths. (Note: In order to take the online assessment, you must buy the book, which contains a code for the assessment.)

G-J and I loved that the assessment frees you to be just who you are. After taking the assessment, you'll think: That's me! You'll then be prompted to take actions to be more of who you are.

We both gave this book a thumbs-up. And, we both felt the book has value in the workplace, the family and during a caregiving situation. When you understand the strengths of co-workers, family members and those who help you during caregiving, you understand how to work and communicate effectively with them.

We'd love for you join our book club; just go here. In September, we're reading A New Kind of Normal by Carol Kent, recommended by Jane.

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