tulips-93836_640You can feel bound to the house, bound to the drudgery, bound to the responsibilities.

You can step but you can't walk because of all that binds you.

You can jump but you can't leap because of the binds that tie.

You can do but you can't achieve because of the binds that hold you back.

And, yet you are bound and determined to make the most of each and every day. You care, you hope, you connect, you make do, you take care, you love. What you make happen during the day is stronger than any chain that seems to jail you.

You may feel weighed down by caregiving. Your values and priorities set you free.

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I too feel guilty for feeling bound, I also know that I'm entitled to my feelings. Caring for my Grandma is so different from caring for my Grandpa and I feel so much more bound than I ever did before. Knowing I'm not alone in my feelings helps me work through them. Thank you Denise. Thank you everyone.


Indeed. Last night I had a momentary melt down -- came home after a 12 hour day at work only to be faced with...sidewalk and driveway to be shoveled, dogs to be walked, cats to be fed, kitchen to be cleaned up, dishwasher to be emptied, laundry to be folded, pellet stove to be vacuumed and refilled, garbage to be emptied, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Seeing that I was so stressed out, my poor husband actually asked whether he should stop chemo so he can help out around the house more. Of course I don't want him to stop chemo and I felt like a total jerk for not containing my emotions.


EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even as your body may not be bound at the moment, sometimes every thought is.


Thank you. I hate feeling guilty for feeling like that. It always amazes me that not only am I not alone, but that so many others feel EXACTLY like me.