English: Brambles and Buttercups, Castlemorton... English: Brambles and Buttercups, Castlemorton Common Grazing by both sheep and cattle maintain the present state of the common: clusters of bramble bushes dotted amongst the buttercup lawn with a fair number of young trees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My parents are sleeping. All is quiet (for now). I'm up at 6 a.m. to find some peace and 'cover'. I need rest. Aggression and dementia are escalating. Still don't know where to turn (or 'can't'). Need rest.   @rainbow and @ejourneys I think saved my sanity by being there when I need it most (this time).  Last time it was @worriedwife.

When does it end? Or does it?  Am I the one at fault? Or are my requests for safety and security while caring for my parents reasonable? Overload. Trauma. (B)Rambling in the midst of Running for Cover. Finding Cover.


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I will try . . harder . . . to do that . . to take care of myself.\r\nThank you both! It's unbelievably hard to 'separate' myself from this disease and it's 'ramifications'. Always,\r\nil


(((Hugs)))\r\nTruly, this is a no-fault situation. It just is.\r\nSafety and security are human rights, regardless of how difficult they can be to find.\r\nWising you rest and peace.