Brave Enough to Care


Brave Enough to Care

courage-110305_640Short term adversity calls on our sense of courage, but so does long term adversity. Perhaps more so.

When faced with years and even decades of a chronic condition, both patient and caregiver experience the gamut of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenge. Naturally, there is an ebb and flow over time. When one partner struggles, the other must be carry on. And vice versa.

Today may be one of those days. Now may be one of those times. So remember, you are brave.

Brave enough to care.

Brave enough to try the new therapy, new treatment, to try one more time.

Brave enough to ask the question that makes you vulnerable, to ask for help.

Brave enough to be there, to listen, to accompany, to look eye to eye.

Brave enough to learn, to connect, to refuse to give up.

You are brave. As you lean in and live into your next step that seems frightening, may you remember that you can do it, because deep down within, you are brave.

Worth Repeating

In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are, and ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.

-Maya Angelou