Broadway Called; What's the Name of Your Play About Caregiving?


Broadway Called; What's the Name of Your Play About Caregiving?

theater-432045_640During your caregiving, you often have a front row seat to theater like Broadway has never seen.

So, let's put a name to the drama playing right now in your life.

If your caregiving story became a Broadway play, what would be its title?

In our comments section,below, tell us the name (or names--share as many as you'd like) of the Broadway play based on your caregiving experience.

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Life: It's Not About You


The Silent Scream, A Daughter Cares for Her Parents\r\n\r\nA Loud Story, Caring and Yelling in 10 Acts


Those are way too nice in sentiment. I think I'd go the cheeky route....\r\n\r\nMy Life as a Caregiver\r\n\r\nSongs featured:\r\n\"It's a hard-knocked life.\" parody based on the song from Annie\r\n\"What am I doing now?\"\r\n\"Aww...not again.\" \r\n\"I can do this!\"\r\n\"No, please don't go.\" (yes, the James Brown song) merging into a little \"R-E-S-P-E-C-T\" by the great Aretha\r\n\"Alleluia! We did it!\"


An imperfectly beautiful life\r\nDancing in the Minefields (I copied a song with this title)

Chris MacLellan

I have a few titles: \r\n\r\nI Would Do It Again\r\n\r\nIts About Love, Care and Commitment\r\n\r\nYou're Not Alone\r\n\r\nTwo Relationships In One \r\n\r\nI think this is a good start. :)