Broken Chair Fixes Man


Broken Chair Fixes Man

2014-11-10 09.03.48Last week my husband Dean broke an arm chair as he was getting out of it. It was an comfortable easy chair that has been in our family for over thirty years, and we were both heartbroken to see it fall apart as it did. Poor Dean has put on a lot of weight the fifteen years since his tractor accident, and the old chair just couldn't stand up to his added girth. Fortunately, it was the chair that broke, and not Dean.

But yesterday I saw a miracle evolve as a result of this event. Dean, who has a TBI, began resurrecting his tools and began a serious effort to fix the old chair. Our spare bedroom now looks like a surgical operating room, as he slowly and deliberately takes steps to mend the chair that we both treasure. I even had to buy him some supplies at the hardware store.

This is honestly the only time I have seen him in the "handyman mode" to this extent in the last fifteen years. The only time that came close was the time he tried to cut up a tree that had fallen in our neighbor's backyard. Unfortunately he couldn't get his old power chain saw working, which was a mixed blessing because we were worried about his safety at the time.

I am hoping this time though for him to have success in his project. Time will tell...I'm thinking a good long time, but I can wait. I'm just thankful for my handyman husband's revival. I'll take him versus the chair any day!

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Lillie Fuller

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


You gave me a smile, thank you! Go Dean!


I'm sure it does your heart good…


Isn't that exciting?


Beautiful, beautiful story. Please post updates on this project!