Broken Things


Broken Things

egg-385846_640Strange title, right?

Well, today there has been some broken things and I guess that got me to thinking (as we say down south). I had to discard a favorite teacup/mug that I found had a significant chip. Then while I was doing dishes, I somehow broke a nicer utensil that I had with a porcelain handle. I didn't use it that much, but I did like it. Plus it coordinated with some pottery I have.

Two minor things were broken. No big deal here ~ there's a lot that hasn't been broken. My spirit, for one. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity I have to care for Daddy. Yes, days are hard, shoot, months are hard here lately! That doesn't matter though. What matters is to keep pressing on.

When I look at the broader scope of things, these broken things don't bother me a bit. I just trashed them and kept going. I do that a lot of times with incidents and times where I feel I haven't accomplished things. I have those days, and sometimes I have them on a regular basis. But as long as I feel I know I'm doing my best, I try to look at what I did do and move forward.

A negative mindset is a bad thing in this business of caregiving. Hard to handle? Yes. Overwhelming? Of course.

When you look at the total picture though, it seems things are going amazingly well. When I think of planning Daddy's days around MLB ball games and favorite programs as well as fixing meals, there are so many friends I have that have harder situations to deal with. Some carees aren't able to even eat and have to be tube fed. I can't imagine the pain of seeing your loved one in that state or in a state of dementia or confusion.

I'm so blessed to have this journey, something I never thought about actually. It just "happened", as I'm sure it did to so many others. Like the broken things, they just "happen". But you pick them up and move forward. Or that's what i try and do.

I hope everyone is well. I haven't blogged in a while, been busy trying to get organized for classes later this month. That's another blog just waiting for me!

Until then ~

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