Brought Down By a Pair of Jeans


Brought Down By a Pair of Jeans

(Editor's Note: We welcome PshYesICan, who cares for her husband and her mom, to our blogging team. You can connect with her on her profile page: @pshysican.)

fabric-93186_640(1)Seriously? Brought down by a pair of jeans?

My son is packing for a camping trip for Friday. He packed two pairs of jeans for the weekend and had one pair to throw in the wash last night for Friday. He should have had a clean pair for this morning but apparently they have come alive and walked off. Perhaps they were not so clean?

So off to school he goes with wrinkled and hopefully not muddy jeans. No big deal, right? Only I have no dryer and jeans take forever to dry and who has time to go to a laundry mat?

So now everything else has been pushed aside because I have to find those jeans because if they don't get washed right this minute, they will not dry in time to wear tomorrow and he will be wearing the same wrinkled but hopefully not muddy jeans tomorrow and the next day. After that I won't care, because he will be camping and all of his clothes will be wrinkled and muddy. We need a dryer asap!

You know what? The jeans can wait an hour. I'm eating a healthy breakfast and hopping on the treadmill for a good stress-busting run while my husband is still asleep. When he wakes up he can tell me where to look. He's good at telling me where to look for things. He's had lots of practice!

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It is always the little things that get to us the most! Good for you for taking care of yourself! Love the name!


I too, love your name! Sounds like you are just \"brought down\" for a moment in time! Great way to use the treadmill and I am sure you are feeling great! Hope your son enjoys the camping trip, clean jeans or not :)


Hi--I'm so glad you are blogging!!!\r\n\r\nAnd, I just love your user name. I'm quite taken with how clever it is. :)\r\n\r\nI'm so impressed that you run on a treadmill! I run in circles in my head. :) How often do you get on the treadmill?\r\n\r\nAny luck with the jeans?