Bubble Wrap


Bubble Wrap

wrap-316134_640Obviously I am finding it hard to blog these days. It has been over a month since I last put fingers to keyboard. It’s not that it is hard to write, or even too painful, it just sometimes seems silly to blog about the ordinary. But I need to express the ordinary, because that is my life right now, and as ordinary and normal as it is, it is still a caregiver’s journey.

Now that April 15th has passed I have no more excuses, so here goes. Mom is okay, still as I have said before, in limbo. Thank goodness the New England winter has finally turned into spring and windows are cracked and flowers are blooming. We bring her flowers to brighten her day and last week our youngest (and strongest) caregiver and I surprised her and took her out for ice cream. It was partially successful as we did manage to get her ice cream. We had planned on going into Friendly’s but once we made the transfer to the car, it was obvious to us both that the promised Hot Fudge Sundae was going to be eaten in the car, not in the restaurant. So we all enjoyed sitting in the car, in the sun, eating our ice cream. We had a nice time, and Mom was thrilled to get out. In the process we learned that Mom is now completely unable to assist with her transfers and is a dead weight. But we did it, we managed one last time to get her out and about. It kills me to think we won’t do it again, but my back and her physical well-being have to come first from here on out. I have learned over the last several weeks that the most normal things, like going for ice cream or getting a perm, exhaust her, not just for a couple of hours, but for several days.

We are struggling with pain control on a daily basis. I am guessing, after four months on these dosages, she is becoming tolerant of the pain medicine again. She gets really panicky when the pain gets up to 9 – who wouldn’t? But seems like we just can’t teach this old dog new tricks, at least relaxation techniques anyway. So when her neck and hands really start to hurt she tenses up and it makes it worse. Fortunately the doctor will be here Tuesday and I sent him a heads-up email today so he can think about pills, patches and pain, oh my.

On a lighter side, the caregivers are complaining to me that Mom keeps winning at Yahtzee, getting one or more “Yahtzees” each time she plays, so she is keeping them on their toes.

Honest to Pete, just how much protection can you give one person? Granted, she is after all 94. With that advanced age comes a whole variety of issues, most of which you can see addressed eloquently in pharmaceutical commercials bombarding us daily when we watch our favorite TV programs.

This week’s challenges involve her very fragile skin. First, the back of her right arm hit the doorknob when she was transferred for her shower. Really? A smooth, round edged doorknob! A one by two inch piece of skin peeled right up like she was an onion.  Not two days later, her shin knocked into the caregiver’s hand while she was pumping the Hoyer lift. Even through her knee socks, it peeled back the skin of her leg! Then to top if off, she was trying to push herself up in bed and hit the controller and skinned another piece of skin. The VNA nurse is kept busy just bandaging skin tears at this house!

So I have decided, during this very ordinary month, what we need is a good long length of bubble wrap, and every time we go to move Mom, we will wrap her in bubble wrap!

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It is too hard to get so old! I feel for you and your mom both, but so sorry for what she has to endure - the pain especially. I wonder how things have gone on since April . . . I wish you both well.


Oh, TDM, It is good to hear about the \"ordinary\" days! I am sorry to hear that your mom's pain levels seem to be increasing. You are such a loving daughter to try going out for ice cream - you were so successful but learned about new limitations. Fragile skin is such a pain, isn't it? I hope the caregivers have that clear bandage stuff that looks like cellophane. We have used that on Elly's skin, you don't have to take it off, it just comes off when the spot is healed. Hope you are having a good week!