Building Your Resilience


Building Your Resilience

I had a co-worker who suffered a miscarriage when she was 11-weeks pregnant. A second miscarriage happened very early in her next pregnancy. About 18 months after giving birth to a healthy girl, she suffered a third miscarriage at just about 12 weeks. All this happened within a four-year time frame.

When she told me about her third miscarriage, I think I was more upset than she. I'm okay, she told me. It's not devastating like the first time.

Yes, I said. After the first time, you made it through to the other side. You know that you can be okay.

My co-worker's experience is about resilience. I've been thinking about resilience lately. Our Council of Caregivers tackled the question of endurance in October. Recently, I've thought that resilience (the ability to bounce back) is a critical part of endurance (lasting to the end).

The New York Times featured an article yesterday (Mind: Past Adversity May Aid Emotional Recovery) about resilience. The article takes a look at studies which show that surviving a difficulty in your past may help you survive your tough times today.

So, I wonder: Do you have a past experience that was really difficult? Does it help to know you survived that difficulty so you can get through caregiving? Or, do you feel the only way to build resilience in caregiving is through caregiving?


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