Busy Week Coming Up


Busy Week Coming Up

going-35506_640Well, something good and something not so good. My son and his wife were able to buy a new car in their own name, which neither one has been able to do for years. Yes, they got a high interest rate but that's okay as long they keep up with the payment.

Now to not so good. While my son and his family were here my oldest brother called and he needed for me to come pick him up as he has accident with his car. He got a ticket and probably will have to get a new car but at least he wasn't hurt.

Now for this week I am going in for surgery on Tuesday (hopefully first thing in the morning). I will probably be there two days. My poor hubby. I actually feel sorry for him; I worry that he will have my mom to care for. Hopefully my brothers and their families will help.

To say I am nervous that would probably be an understatement. In 2009 I went to have surgery and end up getting C. diff and went back in the hospital for ten days. People ask me if I am nervous if that same thing might happen again. I just look at them and say, "It's in God's hand".

Mom didn't fractured her arm, just bruised it. It will probably take a month for it to get better. If she was younger and in better health she need a shoulder replacement but we are not going to do that.

Well, that is the short of my weekend and the coming week. Hopefully my husband will be home tonight.

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Hi Janet--I hope all goes well for you tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you. \r\n\r\nI also hope your mom is feeling better. It would be nice if your mom feels better so you could focus on your recovery. I also hope your brothers and their families step up to help.\r\n\r\nWe'll miss you!


So Glad to hear Hubby is back, well before your surgery. So sorry, your mom is having a rough day. Here's praying for quick recovery after a successful healing surgery! Make sure you don't skimp on pain meds for you!!


Yea my husband made it back today, so he will be here with me as I go into surgery. My mom has had rough day today, she had a blow on het colostomy bag, which always really screw her for the day, she didn't go to church today and has slept most of the day. She is till having pain with her shoulder. She is not stable on her feet.


Thank you


Duh...I mean your brother. Either way they both are fine. Hee hee.

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