thanksgiving-515938_640They say we can't use money to buy love.

I can live with that. But, oh, I wish I could run to Target and buy a bottle of patience. And, if I could charge a chunk of time (like a few hours or a few days) on my credit card to keep in the cupboard for when I come up short, I would be in heaven right there in the aisle of Target.

It seems Target doesn't stock what I often wish I had--patience and time.


Maybe Target doesn't because I already do.

I don't have to wait for bottles of patience to go on sale at Target. I just have to give myself time. Patience, after all, needs my time. I make time when I live fully in each moment of time.

I don't have to hope that chunks of time will hit the discount bins at Target. I just have to be patient with myself. Time, after all, needs my patience. I create patience when I fully believe in the power of simply being--not always doing but sometimes just being.

I think I just bought myself the patience and time I need.

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You know those inflatable life rafts on airplanes and boats? The ones that start out the size of a seat cushion? I'd love the ability to take bits of time -- the precious nanoseconds I carve out here and there -- and blow them up into hours and days! :)

Lillie Fuller

Like Time In A Bottle huh?


Trust me, if Target sold patience they wouldn't be able to keep the shelves stocked--they'd be sold out all the time! I like the idea of patience with a side of compassion, especially for myself.