Buying in Bulk, Free Shipping and What is This? A B&B for Cats & Crazy?


Buying in Bulk, Free Shipping and What is This? A B&B for Cats & Crazy?

My life has become one of buying in bulk. As a single person with a home of less than 1100 square feet, this is not something I normally have done. Ever. Okay maybe when laid off to hold me over until the next gig comes along. But not regularly. Even I can eat only so much peanut butter.

But now? Now I go to Sam's Club for HUGE packages of paper towels and toilet paper. I go online for cases of gallons (literally - a case of 1 gallon bottles) of disinfectant (thank God for whomever developed OdoBan). I buy gloves by the large box (not exactly bulk but 200 or so is a lot I think). Febreeze I haven't found a bulk resource for yet in the lavender scent but I'm working on it. Can you get applesauce in bulk?

Living with a clowder of cats (yeah, that's the term they aren't regal enough to be a pride no matter what they think) I have cleaned up enough vomit, pee and poo to last a lifetime... or so I thought. Five cats - six if you count my mother's who will not come out of Mom's room - can not hold a candle to one crazy 77 year old woman. No way, no how.

Now some might take exception to the word "crazy". It's dementia, I know but seriously why be politically correct when we all know that what we really want to do is call a spade a spade and use the word crazy. The dementia is the "what" and to a degree the "why" of where we are... the crazy is "how" we're having to live as caregivers.

Think about it. What we go through is crazy. The antics and outbursts are crazy. The way we want to put a fist through a wall, run away and hide, scream and tear our hair out is... crazy. The whole blasted situation is flat out crazy. You know I'm right. You feel it too. This has become a whack-a-doodle world wherein our loved ones have left the building and some crazy-ass poltergeist has taken over.

Back to the cats. They thought they ruled this place. Not any more Sparky (really, one of them is named Sparky)! Grammy is here now and everything revolves around her. Because if it doesn't that aforementioned poltergeist gets REALLY nasty. Pudding, applesauce and God only knows what else will go flying. Run kitties, run. Grammy lives in a "right now" timezone (Twilight Zone?) and Mama must obey. Someone once said not to let the person with dementia call the shots... uh-huh, must have been a clinician who didn't live with a dementia mangled person. I don't who that was, but I'd like to slap them upside the head.

There's a sign at my front door that used to be cute. It says to "Beware! Crazy Cat!" in French.

Well here the cats aren't crazy, they're confused. Crazy is the environment. But on the upside from a kitty perspective since Mama now buys in bulk there are a lot more boxes to play in all of a sudden.

Now if Mama (me) could just crawl into one of those boxes and ship herself somewhere nice like, oh the south of France... But no, that's crazy.

South of France 2013


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Buying in bulk..LOL..Hadn't thought about it, but yep..I'm right there with you. Living in a rural area, we don't have Sam's Club etc, so has become my new best friend. Loaded up on toilet paper, paper towels, depends, gloves, kleenex, cleaners (btw..have found some good use of essential oils for odor control) and I am on a first name basis with the UPS driver.. :)


This is more my normal writing voice, yesterday I was able to find it again. Hopefully it will still around. Assuming the muse doesn't get hit in the face with applesauce and decide to run off