The Rollator That Works for Mom


The Rollator That Works for Mom

(Editor’s Note: I’ve been hired to share my experiences with the byACRE Carbon Ultralight rollator for National Family Caregivers Month. The perspectives and viewpoints I offer are my own.)

My mom has been on a mission to resolve her vertigo. An amazing advocate for herself, my mom pushes her doctors for referrals to find a diagnosis and treatment. Nothing has worked for her. But my mom does not like to be defeated so she keeps asking and looking for relief.

This summer during a doctor's appointment, my mom asked her General Practitioner again about her vertigo. During this appointment, he zeroed in on her use of a cane. When you go to the grocery store, he asked, do you feel better pushing the cart?

“Well, yes,” my mom answered.

The doctor then recommended my mom use her walker full time not just when she gets up at night. She needs the extra support the walker provides that the cane doesn't, he explained. The doctor then excused himself to check on test results for my dad.

My mom sat slumped on the chair. I pulled up a chair to sit next to her. “How do you feel about using a walker, Mom,” I asked.

She looked up, devastated. “I don't want to,” she said in a quiet voice. “I understand, Mom,” I said. “I understand.” For my mom, the walker means defeat.

Later, we shared the news with my dad. My mom added her idea, “I'll use the walker on my own. I'll just continue to use Dad's arm when I'm with him.”

I internally groaned but externally just smiled.

My mom with the Carbon Ultralight in Oyster White. Other color options include Carbon Black and Strawberry Red.

After byACRE reached out to me about the North American launch of its renowned Carbon Ultralight rollator, I asked my mom how she would feel testing out a new type of walker, bracing myself for resistance. “I can do that,” she said.

The Carbon Ultralight is just that – light; it’s actually the lightest rollator in the world. It arrived in a box that I easily carried and fit in my car. The device also arrives ready-to-go – we opened up the box and basically then opened up the rollator. I adjusted the height of the handles for my mom with a push of a button and then she was off. She walked with it through their apartment and then immediately made her way out into the hallway. “It's sturdy and smooth,” she said.

The Carbon Ultralight reminds me of a cross between a bike and a stroller. It rolls so smoothly and its design reminds me of the kind of bike we ride in the city – commuter bikes that can take the wear and tear of traffic. When my mom pushes the rollator, I am reminded of her pushing the grandkids in the stroller. In essence, the byACRE Carbon Ultralight looks more like a transporter than a walker. The rollator also includes an organizer to hold my mom's iPhone (she never leaves home without it) and tissues.

My dad and I practiced folding the rollator which easily fits in a corner closet. The convenience of bringing the rollator into a restaurant and tucking it into a corner is huge for my parents. Additional accessories include a weekend bag, a cane holder and a backrest.

The Carbon Ultralight easily takes turns — great for smaller spaces like my parents’ apartment — and invites you to use it.

As we get older, we find ourselves fighting the idea of needing help. We value our independence; we resent any evidence of our dependence. My mom resists using a walker because she believes no one will think she needs one if she doesn’t use one even though she looks like she is in great need of one. I think of my aunt’s rolling walker which looks bulky and inflexible. With the Carbon Ultralight, my mom looks ready to go live, which gives her hope. I get peace of mind that she’s safe. I get relief that my dad isn’t drained from having to help my mom stay upright.

Most important, I feel like my mom has an option that removes defeat. She can use the rollator not because she is failing but because she is hip.

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight just launched in the U.S. and Canada; and is available for a limited time at 25% off through Indiegogo. To learn more, visit

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