Call for Caregiving Podcasters


Call for Caregiving Podcasters

Do you have compelling insights into the caregiving experience that can benefit others?

Do you want to share your caregiving experience as well as those in a similar situation?

Start your own podcast on our Caregiving Podcast Network. Broadcast on our network to take advantage of our reach on, social media and BlogTalkRadio (and soon on Spreaker). Anyone in a current or former caregiving situation can apply to join the network. Here's how:

    1. Complete the form, below.

    2. Take our Podcast Like a Caring Pro course.

After receiving your submitted form, I'll follow up with you within 48 hours to request more information or let you know if we accommodate you in our network.

When you join the Caregiving Podcast Network, you'll:

  • Connect with other podcasters who potentially can invite you to be on their show. Conversely, you have a stable of potential guests

  • Name your podcast and choose a specialty (like a podcast about caring for a spouse or caring for a family member with cancer)

  • Enjoy a community of like-minded podcasts who encourage and inspire you

  • Receive additional support through regular interactions with other podcasters

  • Get additional visibility through our network as well as through any organized podcast events

  • Share your wisdom with your listeners

  • Decide how often you want to broadcast (weekly, monthly, when the mood strikes).

  • Join myself and Sharon Hall, who cares for her mom and her husband, who began her own podcast, Talking FTD with Geri, in July of 2016.

As a broadcaster on our Caregiving Podcast Network, you'll:

  • Include a short shout-out about our network during your show ("I'm Denise Brown, host of Your Caregiving Journey and a podcaster with's Caregiving Podcast Network")

  • Create valuable content and intriguing conversations

  • Focus on a particular caregiving situation (like caring for a spouse) or a disease (like Parkinson's) so that we create complimentary (rather than duplicating) content.

It's free to be a podcaster on our network. Once you join our network, you are welcome to stay with our network as long as you'd like. We'll keep you in the network as long as you create appropriate content and follow our minimal requirements.

Want to be more than a podcaster? Consider enrolling in our Certified Caregiving Consultant and Educator training programs. Need a gentle nudge to get going? Consider enrolling in our three-week class, Moving Your Moments Into Your Achievements.

We'll have regular virtual meetings for our podcasters to go through logistics, demonstrate how to use our services to create your podcast and to get to know each other.

Looking forward to hearing your podcast!
Fill out my online form.

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