air-84675_640I would like to remain calm.

Because when I'm calm, I am productive.

When I am calm, I am reasonable.

When I am calm, I am resilient.

But, calm, which I'm often prodded to keep so I can carry on, feels elusive.

I can't calmly watch my parents seemingly skid off the side of a cliff.

I can't calmly listen as my mom says, "Oh, it's okay, Dad can drive me there."

I can't calmly respond when I'm told to stay calm.

But, it's true. I must stay calm.

Chaos wastes my time.

Chaos forces me to take my eye off the ball.

Chaos causes me to snap out of impatience and then to fret out of guilt.

Calm is good.

I can be calm because I can do what's necessary, what's next, what's ask of me.

When I look back, I will be grateful for calm. Because I stayed calm, I remained anchored in the moment. And, I'll remember that because I was calm, I made the most of what I had.

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