Can I Get a "Do Over"?


Can I Get a "Do Over"?

writing-104091_640If there was EVER a day I wanted a do over, it was yesterday. Thank goodness it was yesterday because it's now 12:30 am.

My day started by trying to get some accounting homework done, and Dad had laid back down to rest. I went back to check on him and let's just say I saw something I did NOT want to see. When a daughter witnesses behavior like that by her father? Ewwwwwwww. I think you can get the picture. He didn't see me but boy did I see him.

So, I left that situation alone for a few minutes (and to attempt to get over the trauma) and went back to my homework. Finished that, by that time he was fine.

Did I also mention I've recently been diagnosed with migraines and am now beginning to get them under control? Oh and did I mention that I had a shingles breakout this past weekend? Can we say StReSs with a Capital S!

Right now I'm chillin' in the living room looking at numerous things I didn't get done or finished yesterday. But time marches on; after some rest (hopefully later) I'll begin again, first with my morning class, then back home.

September was an interesting month to say the least. I'm ready to get myself better so I can take better care of Dad, I just haven't felt up to par. Gaining strength back after a shingles outbreak takes time, and rest is critical. So, I may have a few more do-overs.

One thing I can always remember to do is watch an episode of "Hoarders" and I'll feel like my house is spotless. I hope everyone's doing well, I've missed blogging, and writing in general. I have an idea about something I may begin writing I want to bounce off of you all later in the day.

Later ~


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I watch Hoarders sometimes too, for the same reason!! I'm very messy and lazy about housework, and those shows do kind of put things in perspective. But the other thing you mentioned, the loss of privacy between caregiver and caree, oof - that's a hard thing to get past. I guess you do, but it's a big deal, I think. I'll echo Denise and say I hope your days have been better since this post!


Oh, this post made me blush and giggle. :) \r\n\r\nHoping yesterday was a keeper and that today brings you all the time you need to get it all done.


Love the show Hoarders AND Hoarding buried alive! They inspire me to declutter, keep clutter down, AND clean! I can also relate to do-overs............fortunately, each day IS a new day. I take care of my Mom and study isn't easy! God speed!