Can Lightening Actually Strike 3 Times??


No matter your religious beliefs, there are times when things happen that can't be explained. Some of you know this happens to me, often, especially since I have become an advocate for FTD and dementia.

Well, it has happened again! If you recall, we first had Cameron helping Rod in his garden. Cameron went to college, so we lost him to education and we certainly supported that.

Then along came Caleb. He was the perfect young man (high school) to help Rod, he worked hard, laughed a lot at us (with our encouragement) and became a member of our family, in every way. Actually, I think Bryan felt he had been replaced, but Caleb was an adopted grandson to us, we loved Caleb, and still do. Due to circumstances, Caleb moved out of state. Our hearts were broken but we want for Caleb what is best for him and his happiness.

We sort of let things go because Mom was declining and was at home in hospice, so there was a lot to do. We miss Mom, she was with us for 6 years. She loved sitting on our porch watching birds and hummingbirds. She painted a blue bird house at the day center and her house is now the home of a bluebird family.

Things were getting away from Rod in the yard, so I started looking for the right fit. They needed to be flexible with Rod, not be offended by Rod, have a good work ethic and were dependable. Tall orders huh? Who finds that for the 3rd time??? ME!!!!!

Enter Connor (yes, our 3rd young man whose name starts with C, how unusual is that, or is it?). I found Connor where I found Caleb, in the Nextdoor app. He had great reviews about how hard he worked so I asked that he come by so we could talk about our ongoing projects.

Connor brought his cousin Alan along, as they work together in their odd job company. We invited them in, gave them FTD brochures, explained FTD and told them what they could expect and if any of that bothered them, do not take the job. Lo and behold, Alan just finished pre-med!! Holy smokes!!! A Connor (we have that C thing going on) AND a pre-med we can EDUCATE ON DEMENTIA!!! A twofer!!!

You can call this whatever you like, but to me it is nothing short of divine intervention. No matter who or what your devine is, this is not something that happened by chance. Our circle of support has been enlarged with 2 more caring young men who are destined to become "family".

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