Can You Come Look At This?


Can You Come Look At This?

question-mark-460869_640At this point in my journey, there are very few phrases that worry me. The fact that I don't have kids probably helps. However, whenever Mike says "Hun, can you come look at this?" I get a knot in the pit of my stomach and a sense of dread. Usually when Mike asks this question it means he has found a lump on his leg that can be either foliculitis or cellulitus. Either way it isn't a good thing.

I didn't realize how much a phrase can change your day when you really think about it. I'm a lot more comfortable when he says "Hey Babe! Check this out!", unless it's followed by the phrase "I've got a plan!" Sanity save me now in that case.

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Lillie Fuller

My mom will find a spot on her, a bruise something and it's \"what do you think this is?\" Then it's oh geez. I don't even want to look!!! So, you are more comfortable with BABE questions than with the HUN questions huh? He's just mixing it up to keep you on your toes!!!


Not the dreaded \"I've got a plan!\" We all know where that leads lol


Hi Chris--My parents ask the same question and I have the same reaction. UGH. It's never good. :( I just wish some day they'll ask me to come look at the delivery of a million dollars in the driveway. !!!!