Can You See Me Now?


Can You See Me Now?

eyeglassesEyeglasses are a big item of contention and strife for us lately. Dean has lost two or three pair of them in the last year. We finally went in for his yearly exam recently and now he has a new pair of glasses to get used to again. Getting used to anything new is hard around here, but this seemed pretty important since his eyesight is so poor, what with being blind in one eye and having lousy peripheral vision in the other, since his tractor accident twelve years ago.

We've given up on wearing new dentures, hearing aids, and a leg brace for his foot drop, because he still eats pretty hearty, can hear if I shout loud enough, and doesn't seem to be falling any more without the brace. But I'd like him to wear proper prescription eyeglasses, so he retains what little sight he has left.

As soon as we drove off from the optometrist last week with the new glasses though, he said they didn't fit right on his nose and he didn't like where the bifocal line was. I thought, oh no, here we go again. He insisted we didn't need to turn around and go back to make adjustments, so I called the nurse when we got home, and we ended up taking him into another optician closer to our house today to see if at least the nose clips could be corrected.

I'm holding my breath for these adjustments to be acceptable and for the new glasses to become his friend this time. They say that having a brain injury calls for getting used to a "new normal". Well, I've seen lots of "new", but very little "normal"-- at least in this household. But then again, I hate to complain.

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Yes, it does feel like a carnival around here at times. If I can just keep us out of the \"dunk tank\", I think we'll be OK though. *smile*


(((Hugs))) I hear you. My partner tinkers around with everything, including her meds and her glasses (she says nothing is made to fit her head).\r\n\r\nI don't think you're complaining at all. TBI (in our case, MS that acts like TBI) can be like a succession of \"fun house\" mirrors. There's a lot that just gets bent.