Can't Get Better


Can't Get Better

I really need to bounce back and get my energy back, and my body needs to stop betraying me, I don't have time to be ill and not have my organs functioning properly.

I am so exhausted and feel like I have no energy.

Got out of the hospital Aug 5th. Doc  wasted my time and didn't do any tests to see what the bleeding was coming from.

My pcp's colleague on Friday Aug 12th  said I still have infections in my bladder and kidneys and put me on a stronger antibiotic, but insurance wouldn't cover this new medicine.

MRI of liver was scheduled for Wed Aug 17th, but when they called with an amount of how much it costs since the hospital bills had not  hit for my $5,000 dollar deductible  to be met yet. I don't have  a lump sum laying around, so was checking some options before I canceled it, few hours later, they called back and said they need to do the MRI without contrast, then inject me with a shot, and do another MRI with contrast in my system, so that is scheduled for Aug 26th. I shall see then if I can keep the appointment or not.

Done with the antibiotics, hope the infections are gone and stay away.

The mass on my liver will be figured out with the MRI, I guess, and then the specialist will order a colonoscopy.

Have to wait to go see my gyno, for him to order an ultrasound for the mass on my right ovary.

Sigh...just when we got some good news, and things were going to start to be smooth, is when my body decides to let go.

On another note, finally got things straight with the disability lawyer, we kept getting letters about the disability approval through Social Security, but they needed my husband to come in with my check stubs for them to determine if he is eligible for SSI. He was approved for both, but of course, he would not qualify for the welfare based program. The lawyer wrote a letter saying he wants to close the Title XVI app (SSI) because his Title II benefits will cancel out the other.

The local office representative didn't get the fax, so they send another letter for another appointment for him to come in. This time the lawyer calls the case worker at the local office and receives a new fax number, but they need an official document they have saying he approves the withdraw of the SSI app, and sign it. We get that faxed back, and now we wait for it to go through processing, get the welcome letter, and see how much a month he will receive and how much for each of the kids per month. Back pay will take a while too, but we will get information about Medicare soon.

It was so much back and forth with the lawyer and the local office, lol.

My son is going into 4th grade, and my daughter is going into 2nd grade. Today i took them to meet the teacher at the school, and they start school monday. My 4-year old can't go to the Pre-K at the school with her big bro and sis because she doesn't speak Spanish or have a disability and I make $40 over the five-family income limit, so she is so upset. She turns five on  Sept 29th, but is 28 days late of the cut off to start Kindergarten. Last year she was in a high school pre-school program and loved it, but I don't have a ride for her there in the morning or back home around noon, like I did last year, so we are out of luck. I hate her being stuck at home with Daddy, when Daddy cannot take care of himself during bad weeks.

That is the life of a spousal caregiver though, life is always chaotic and no one to take care of you when you get sick, and the kids grow up with so many hardships and unable to participate in having fun as kids like they should be able to.