What holds your heart captive?

--Is it guilt? Guilt over decisions? Guilt for putting yourself first when you can?
--Is it resentment? Resentment that some family members won't help? Or, resentment because you worry that your life is wasted?
--Is it fear? Fear that you won't know? Fear that you can't do?
--Is it false hope? False hope that others will change? False hope that pressing problems don't need your attention?
--Is it second-guessing? Second guessing your decisions? Second guessing your actions?

When negatives captivate your heart, your heart works too much and life becomes too hard. Especially because these negatives aren't you.

Instead, captivate your heart with:

--People who truly love you
--Activities that set your spirit soaring
--Thoughts that honor you
--Commitments that align with your priorities
--Confidence because you know and you do
--Decisions made with an informed head and a knowing heart
--Actions that show your life's meaning

Captivate your heart with your goodness--it will warm your soul and illuminate your life.