Capture Every Moment


Capture Every Moment


In our Cancer Caregiving Journey, we know that on some days the tumor has a mind of its own! For the most part, the good days have outweighed the bad days. We are thankful for that!

When 'TLO' (The Little One) feels good, we try to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to us. Our Saturday night featured a trip to the Ice Cream Parlor. We know how those little ones like ice cream!

Ice Cream 4




When we have these caregiving moments, I am reminded how lucky I have been to be a part of this journey. Yes, there are hard days for both of us, but all those hard days are thrown out the window when we capture moments like these and just be who we are. Reality is what it is but that does not mean we can't beat it!


Capture Every Moment, you will not regret it!

Remember, We might have Cancer...


But Cancer Does Not Have Us!

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You are so right. The good days with our carees make a world of difference.