CareGifters: Give to Casandra


CareGifters: Give to Casandra

MarcjpgThrough our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can.

This month, we’re funding solutions for Casandra, who cares for her husband, Marc. Our goal is to raise $500 to help Casandra and Marc. We were able to help Casandra last year but unfortunately her situation has become somewhat desperate.

In her CareGifters application, Casandra details how they will use the money:

"My most immediate need... our electricity bill. Coming due rather quickly and because we're going to have a fee added it's going to cause a lot of issues. That's where I would start."

"Our main challenge is getting insurance settled so that his multiple medications can be covered properly. Our second challenge is being able to find work. I have been looking for a job non-stop since his surgery in November with no luck. Which makes our third challenge... Bills. They are starting to mount up and the more immediate needs are being compromised with the additional amounts we have to put out for medications."

So we can send $500 to help Casandra, make your donations via the Donate button below. You can donate as little (just $5) or as much as you can–we are very grateful for any contribution you make. After Casandra receives her $500, she’ll share how she used it and its impact on our websites ( and and on Your Caregiving Journey talk show. It's easy to give--just donate via the Donate button below.

If you prefer, you can help by purchasing an eBook from our CareGifters Book series. Our eBooks cost $5 and the proceeds from their sales go toward our CareGifters program. Casandra will receive any proceeds from these sales. Buy an eBook here.

CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your tax-deductible donations. Casandra receives all of your donation except for the fee collected by PayPal.

Thanks so much to all who help!!!



Bracelet_FundraiserCasandra sells bracelets, including the one pictured, which you can buy at her online store. I love the bracelet I purchased from Casandra during our Craft Fair.

Casandra will donate a portion of the proceeds made from any sales to our CareGifters program. When you make your purchase, you have the option to “Leave ComicVixen Designs a note…” during check-out. In your note, please mention and this code: CARE10.

When you purchase a bracelet from Casandra, you help her and you help the next family caregiver in need.

(Note: Casandra is one of the many family caregivers we hope to help through our Hire a Family Caregiver campaign. Thanks so much for helping us spread the word.)

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