CareGifters: Giving to Chet


CareGifters: Giving to Chet

Chet with his wife, Debi. Chet with his wife, Debi.

Through our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can.

This month, we’re raising money to help, Chet, who cares for his wife, Debi, and joined our community in 2011. You can connect with Chet on his profile page: @chet.

In his CareGifters application, Chet shares why he needs our help. Tell us about your caregiving situation. For whom do you care? How long have you been in a caregiving situation?
Chet: I care for my wife who has mitochondrial myopathy. I have been caring for her for over 20 years. For the past four years she has been mostly bed-ridden. I quit my job in 2010 to care for her full time. Tell us about your three most pressing concerns.
Chet: Because of her condition we have to live in an area that doesn't have any services. She has been hospitalized for about a week. It is too far for me to commute from home to the hospital so I am staying in a hotel. The hospital foundation is helping with the cost of the hotel, but we are quickly getting beyond what I can afford. How will receiving $500 help you?
Chet: It will help me cover the hotel and food while she is in the hospital.

Our goal is to send $500 to help Chet pay for his hotel bill. Chet is the 19th family caregiver we’ve been able to help through our CareGifters program.

You can help by donating via the donation button at the bottom of this post. Your donation is tax deductible as our CareGifters program is part of our non-profit organization, The Center for Family Caregivers. No donation is too small--your gift of $5 will make a huge difference.

You also can help by purchasing a copy of our latest book, A Caregiving Day, a book of poems. Proceeds from the sale of our eBook and print book will go directly to Chet. You can purchase a book at the bottom of this post.

Thanks so much for your help!

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