Caregivers Are Time Travelers

Caregivers Are Time Travelers

Yes, you! You are a time traveler, and so is everyone else in this community. Don't believe me? Take the Yes/No quiz below.

  1. Have you mastered the science of doing more things in one minute than most humans?
  2. Have you discovered the secret of pockets? This is your unconscious pocketing of things you know your loved one will need and will always ask for - a Kleenex, a bit of candy, the TV remote. It's actually a predicting-the-future skill.
  3. Does time slow in your vicinity? Your days seem longer and sometimes endlessly so.

Replying "Yeah, you betcha!" to one question means you qualify for immediate induction into the School of Care and Attention for the Really Faithful (SCARF). Our motto is "Faith Manages Somehow." Unfortunately, final decisions on our official school uniform are stuck in committee. Please select your own flattering attire for now.

If you replied yes to at least two of the questions above, then you have attained the Second Level of Time Awareness. Your certificate of achievement is on its way. Please save up the necessary tuition for the Third Level Awareness course "Splinching - Learning to be in Two Places at Once."

If you replied in the affirmative for all three questions, then consider yourself a candidate for Professor Academy. Please note that we accept only the most dedicated students for this Master Class. We shall require voluminous recommendations and references printed on really nice letterhead paper. Calligraphy is optional. Lastly, our booklist is fearsome to behold. You have been warned.

If you have answered in any of the variants of the negative, then you have received this missive in error. Please accept my thousand and one apologies for having bothered you today. Forget about all this and enjoy your morning/afternoon/evening.

Having made it this far you must be a fellow traveler indeed. My name is Maria, and I've just joined this community. I hope to learn from others and give support in return.

My goal for today was to make someone smile with this post. Even a tiny uplifting of the lips counts in my book. Did you smile?

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I believe caregivers become very efficient with time. We're not even aware of it. It becomes sort of unconscious. Your S.C.A.R.F. lapel will be winging towards you soon.


Cramming things in a minute... Absolutely. In caregiving I seem to try to do at least five things at once. When I scan the den and her bedroom I see items that everywhere that I need for Mom’s care.\r\n\r\nWelcome, and yes, this post did make me smile.