Caregivers Know


Caregivers Know

finally got to celebrate his 70th birthday--a week late! finally got to celebrate his 70th birthday--a week late!

Dean finally got to come home in November after spending two months in rehab for a broken ankle. Then we (the home health nurses and I) started seeing symptoms, which got progressively worse, finally resulting in him ending up in ER again--the day after his 70th birthday, no less. They suspected a septic infection and started him immediately on IV antibiotics.

I proudly announce here the role of family caregivers during his stay though. It seems he was in the beginning of sepsis, and with my knowledge of his health information and investigating what sepsis even was when I finally got home from ICU, I was able to help them pinpoint the source of infection the next day.

Remembering his dental appointment and their observation of how bad his teeth were a couple of weeks earlier, I relayed this piece of information, and the hospital staff immediately acted on it, ordering a mouth/head scan. They discovered two very bad teeth abscesses and scheduled him for extractions that very night.

Once again, we caregivers rock, folks! I am so thankful for God impressing me with this crucial piece to his diagnostic puzzle. He's home again, and our caregiving continues.

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Good Job Teresa! Just a little observation goes a long way, you were the key to solving the sepsis puzzle. He is so fortunate to have you looking out for him too!


You are awesome!! \r\n\r\nWe carry such an amazing knowledge base about our carees. You remind us to trust what we know--because what we know makes a huge difference.


Great detective work!


Thanks for sharing this joyful post. You deserve to take credit for noticing the details, researching the symptoms and finding a treatment. Caregiving is a race with you and Dean as the victors. So glad he could enjoy his birthday cake!