Caregivers Need Care, Too


Caregivers Need Care, Too

fold-63623_640I have been quite ill since March. Long story short, I had a pretty good cancer scare. I had some biopsies done last Monday. They were all NEGATIVE!

I was so happy and relieved I cried. Then I got the diagnosis. I have a sliding hiatal hernia. It was blocking the ducts of my pancreas which caused pancreatitis and pleurisy. I have lost 15 pounds in three months and have lots of pain. I am now on some new medication and hopefully it will help me to regain my life again.

My dad has physical therapy twice a week and usually a couple of doctors visits thrown in. My dad is so great about not complaining and not wanting to be a burden. He is always so patient and  unassuming. I feel like I am so lucky sometimes to have him in my life. He has taught me so much.

I only hope when things start going south for me as I get older I can follow his example!

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I know that fear and relief are like! I'm glad you got good news and that you have such a loving relationship with your dad.


Thanks Pegi and Cathy! I am finding new strength everyday.