Caregiving Art Show Contest Begins Friday, June 5


Caregiving Art Show Contest Begins Friday, June 5

Face by Nicole Northrop Face by Nicole Northrop

Our Fifth Annual CareGiving Art Show will take place the week of September 13. (You can still admire the pieces in our Fourth Annual Caregiving Art Show. Nicole Northrop, the daughter of Jane (@jbones1961) won first place for her piece, Face, shown here.)

This summer, we're going to help you create a piece of art to enter in our show.

Our CareGiving Art Show features the art of family caregivers and carees; proceeds from our Caregiving Art Show support our CareGifters program and Any family caregiver and caree can submit photos of their art. The entry fee for each piece is $10 in the adult categories, $5 in the children’s category. The artist also has a choice of listing his or her art for sale.

To help you get ready for our Art Show, we've created a contest called, well, CareGiving Art Show Contest. If you would like and if appropriate, please feel free to involve your caree, your kids and your grandkids in our contest.

Here's how CareGiving Art Show Contest works:

  • The contest begins June 5 and ends September 4;

  • Any member of can enter;

  • I'll post a prompt every Friday beginning June 6 which will provide inspiration for you (and your caree, kids and grandkids) to create your artwork. Your art can be whatever you enjoy, including paintings, sketches, cake decorating, sculptures, photographs, woodworking, handwork.

  • Each week, share a photo of your art (and your caree's, kids' and grandkids') in our Caregivers Create group.

If you share a photo in our Caregivers Create group for 10 of the 13 weeks of our contest:

  • you can enter one piece of art for free in our Caregiving Art Show;

  • your caree or child or grandchild can enter one piece of art for free in our Caregiving Art Show;

  • you'll be entered into a raffle to win a $100 gift card for Michaels.

Get your artwork supplies ready and join our Caregivers Create group. Look for our first prompt for our CareGiving Art Show contest on June 5.

(Would you like to sponsor our CareGiving Art Show and support our work? Send me an email--we'd love to have you as a sponsor!)

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I can't wait! Yay!

Lillie Fuller

This sounds WONDERFUL!!! Such a great idea!