Site Updates & Enhancements, April

0 Site Updates & Enhancements, April


Dear family,

As you may have noticed, things are beginning to look a little different. These past couple of weeks, we have been looking into potential enhancements for the website. We want to be transparent and work with you all so we can ensure we are only making changes that improve your experience.

During this planning process, our goal will remain the same: to provide family caregivers with the information and resources they need to make informed care decisions with their loved ones. While the experience of the site may slightly change, the tools and services you rely on will remain in one form or another. That said, we wanted to be sure to update you all on some immediate changes you may notice on the site:

  • We are currently auditing the chat feature to ensure the experience of that offering is safe and reliable for members. It will eventually be phased out once we identify the safest option for the chat feature moving forward.
  • The forum is currently inactive as we conduct an audit to uncover potential update opportunities.

Throughout this process, we encourage you all to share feedback so we can learn from you, grow with you and provide ways to strengthen collaborative care. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any comments or questions during this time. 



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