A Caregiving Comfort: Drip


A Caregiving Comfort: Drip

You hear it.

Drip, drip, drip

You can't stop it.

It's not the faucet. It's not even the White House leaks.

It's the drips from caregiving you hear and cannot turn off.

The drips come from the drudgery. The sameness of one day drips into another until you can't tell Monday apart from Saturday. The pressure to do so much, which keeps you on high alert, drips from the day into the night so that you can't relax enough to fall asleep. The relentless stress to manage what can feel unmanageable drips into all parts of your life causing your relationships, your career, your being to buckle. The unforgiving declines of your caree drip into your own well-being so that you gain in weight what your caree loses in function.

You're dripping from your sweat and your tears.

How do you turn off the drips?

The constant exposure to the drips can torture. Give yourself permission to turn off. Let the To Do list lay untouched, even if just for an afternoon. Decide to take a break from a worry, even if only for a few moments. Ask for what you need from your network of colleagues, friends, family members and neighbors. Take what you want from your day, whether it be time alone, time together or time away. Remove yourself from the hook of believing you alone must prevent, resolve and solve all that could happen.

The drips seem to take away your essence. Bring back your presence by soaking in our support. When life drips, know we stand ready to collect your sweat and tears. You will not waste. What you give will give back. Be ready to receive.

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daffy don

I am a Widower now, but I remember vividly those days. And, I look at them differently as I look back. They were hard, but today I am grateful for those hours that gave me time to say goodby to my sweet Elsie. Those days were a gift from her as she gave me the trust to carry her as she made her final exit. This was our Final Honeymoon time - just the two of us as we learned the strengths and weaknesses of each other. I cry tears of joy as I remember those special days. I remember them with Gratitude and Humility.


What an amazing expression of \"the drips\" from caregiving. \r\n\"You’re dripping from your sweat and your tears.\"....that's how its been lately. \r\n The support on this site truly does bring back my presence. Thank you!


OH boy, that's so true! What a great way to put it...the drips. \r\nI did that yesterday. I said nuts to my big to-do list & left the house when my relief (sister) arrived. Bought myself a new pair of jeans & a new cd. Then I went for a drive & listened to the cd. \r\nIt was wonderful! (sounds boring, but, I'm sitting here \"drip less\" at the moment)