Caregiving, Communion and Computers


Caregiving, Communion and Computers

Cover of "Sister Act"I am thankful that Denise has this site for us to share our stories, share resources and support each other. I think my real world support system sometimes has ulterior motives. Free food and computer repair to be exact.

On Sundays, my mom's deacon friends from her Baptist church bring her communion. They also bring her CDs of the church service. At first it was one kind older gentleman who I have known since I was a little girl.

He is from New Orleans and he likes good food. I am starting to think that he knows when I am cooking gumbo or BBQ because he seems to come right when I  am taking the food out of the oven. He also seems to know what Sundays I am not at singing at my own church and when I will be home. Hmm... Is it a coincidence? Divine intervention. Is there a new Food Network app that lets him know when I make gumbo?

Don't get me wrong--I appreciate him visiting my mom but she often forgets he is here and she goes upstairs while my husband fixes him a to-go plate. Often Mom comes back down and asks why her deacon is here and no one told her. I explain that she had communion already. I feel bad but I think it took the first time and Heaven is pleased.

On top of that his eyesight is getting bad so I have to read the Bible scriptures for him before he serves her communion. I like to read out of my Bible because it is modern. Then he tells me how nice it is and easy to read and can I order him one on Amazon too. I feel like I'm in the movie Sister Act and I start looking for Whoopi Goldberg to sing so I can Segway over to my burning food.

I will call him Mr. F. He now brings his friend with him who prays a looong time for my mom. I look around with one eye when he prays thinking my food is burning but I guess God has pity on me and nothing has burned so far while he holds Mom's hand and my hand ever so tightly. One time I opened my eyes and Mom had left while he was still praying and gone to the bathroom. I wanted to laugh but I retained my composure.

My husband is an IT Tech and we are now the drop station for memory. Well, Mom's memories and adding memories to Deacon's from the church's computers. I am trying to think of a business. Maybe Gumbo and Gigabeytes. Holy Hard Drives? I don't know.

Well, anyway I will just be thankful people still remember Mom and they appreciate my cooking and my husband's computer skills.  Even if they leave with all of our Tupperware full of food.

I am also thankful we are getting sleep again because Mom's sleeping and dementia pill dosage was increased after I told her doctor that I was going to leave Mom in her office if she didn't give her stronger meds.

Well I better go. It's time for Mom's pills and I think my hubby has a hard drive to fix. In the words of Tiny Tim, Good Night and God Bless us, Everyone!

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I'm just now catching up on my e-mails and ran across this one!\r\nIt gave me a good laugh & smile!\r\nMaria


I Love, Love, Love when you post! Your house is a wonderful source of hospitality, love and caregiving!


Oh, my, Angie, you gave me the giggles this morning with this one. You also make me realize I need to come to your house for gumbo. :)\r\n\r\nThanks so much for reminding us that a sense of humor is a blessing, a gift and a must. :)