Caregiving Crosshairs


Caregiving Crosshairs

puzzle-1686917_640So tonight, my wife begins IVIG infusion therapy treatments again, my daughter has a choir concert, and I have a gala to attend. Nothing can give.

My wife has fallen three times in the past month and must begins these treatments. She typically does six months on and six months off, two nights per month for about four hours each. And it really helps her. So, my son will stay with her and the nurse who comes to our home (via a large pharmacy chain) to administer the treatments.

My daughter is in 9th grade and she can't just skip the choir concert, so my in-laws will attend this event. Luckily, she understands the un-ideal situation.

I am the Executive Director for a non-profit and we receive a considerable chunk of funding as the secondary recipient at this Gala that generates $250k+. It's the kind of thing the Director is sort of expected to attend. And it's the kind of funding we would like to continue to receive.

Ahh, the caregiving crosshairs.

Hopefully, we'll all be fine anyway.

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Bruce I wish I could navigate the \"horitzontal\" care giving with my spouse as well as I do the vertical stuff with a special needs son. Amazing that you're hanging in there with all the obligations. They got the best of me about a year ago and I'm just coming out of it on the job front. Hope your holidays are good ones for all.

Lillie Fuller

And then there is tomorrow, right? I hope all went well. Thank you for sharing the struggles of your Caregiving.


Dear Bruce, I was thinking it was time again for the infusion but oh my! Of course it is in the middle to those \"nothing can give\" times. Thank you for sharing your skills and tips for's difficult with a high schooler to figure out what will be meaningful times to make sure you are there and which ones can be given over to others who love her dearly! Ahh, the struggle is so real!!