Caregiving Happiness Project: Grow


Caregiving Happiness Project: Grow

We begin our next month Caregiving Happiness Project today!

Our action for this month is Grow.

This month brings us a vision into our warmer weather. The sun stays our longer, the birds sing louder and we prepare our earth for growth. So, this month, let's grow.

You can grow plants in your garden which could be in your house, in your backyard or in your window box. You can grow your skills by taking an online course or workshop. (Our Certified Caregiving Advocate training may be a good option.) You can grow your courage by facing a different fear each week this month. You can grow your network by getting involved in community or online groups that share a common interest with you.

This month, what will you grow?

Happiness Project Members: Tell us what you’ll grow in our Forum.

(If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our Caregiving Happiness Project by taking a simple survey.)

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I will consintrate on growing as a poet.