Caregiving Happiness Project: October Action


Caregiving Happiness Project: October Action

autumn-desktop-wallpaper-1920x1080-1009094We reach the beginning of our new month. And, October is a month of transitions--the fall colors show us that we're moving from summer to fall to winter.

This month for our Caregiving Happiness Project, as we transition, let's change.

Let's change a schedule or a routine or a way.

This month, what will you change? Please share your goal for this month in our comments section, below.

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Being a world class procrastinator I think my change should be myself. To not let paperwork, bills and filing for us and my mother fall by the wayside and become an excuse or a guilt trip. Imagine the freedom just a little organization will provide.


Yesterday the Neuroethics class I'm taking on Coursera finally began (I'd registered for it a year ago). My main change this month will be incorporating my coursework into my day and interacting with my classmates -- and that means also working on keeping my boundaries here. Last night my partner wanted to listen in on one of the lectures, but she interrupted so frequently and was moving so much stuff around while shifting position that when she asked to listen in on another lecture I said no. I don't have that kind of time to spare, not on this particular activity.\r\n\r\nTaking the one course and seeing how I do is a way for me to slowly add some activity back into my life and to claim more of my own space and time. I'm pumped! :D


I guess I can only find one thing to change right now and that is to bring up Elly's health concerns to her on a more regular basis. She is just so stoic that she will answer that she is just fine whenever I ask how she is feeling. Today I asked how much her leg was hurting and she did say it wasn't feeling very good at all. Step 1 :)