Caregiving Happiness Project: Spring


Caregiving Happiness Project: Spring

We begin our next month Caregiving Happiness Project today!

Our action for this month is Spring.

This month brings hope that winter will soon be behind us. With winter in our rear view mirror, we can look forward to warmer days. March can bring a spring to our step.

This month, how will your spring? How can you spring into your day or a project or a goal? You could organize a spring cleaning project, a exercise program, a plan to create spring in your house.

Happiness Project Members: Tell us what you’ll organize in our Forum.

(If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our Caregiving Happiness Project by taking a simple survey.)

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I plan to spring into gardening again this year.\r\nI plan to spring into decluttering and organizing my “me” room.\r\nI plan to spring into getting my house air conditioned (last summer was so hot, I had to have hubby taken to the ER)