Caregiving or Career? The Choice No Woman Should Have to Make

Article summary provided by Certified Caregiving Consultant, Kathy Koenig. You can learn more about her consulting services at Caregiver Connection.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Caregiver is not the usual response to that question, yet it's the frequent reality for women. Women who are in the workforce and building a career may find their vision altered. A visit home or a phone call can alter education, business, and retirement plans.

Studies show that caregiving is rarely short term. This leaves caregivers with issues related social isolation, anxiety, and depression. There's a lack of both education and discussion around caregiving in our culture. As a result, we're not well-prepared for the logistics and financial considerations required.

This article offers a peak into a more flexible workplace that works with, not against, family caregivers. With Covid-19, work from home is becoming a common business practice. As always, a necessary part of this discussion includes carving time out for yourself. This allows you to celebrate the richness in the caregiving experience. Let's find a way to allow for both instead of an either/or situation.

Halley Bondy is a contributor for NBC News' Know Your Value series. Read more on NBC News.

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