Caregiving Oscars

Jo Rozier

Caregiving Oscars

Jo Rozier
red_carpetIn honor of the 85th Academy Awards broadcasting tonight, I decided to come up with some awards of my own.

The Oscars of Caregiving.

There are many categories, so many great winners anticipated... and don't the nominees all look lovely in their evening finest as they walk the purple carpet.

Best Director, Producer, Writer: @Denise. This was the one category which was relatively easy to award.  I'm still of the impression that there are actually a team of 20 Denises working furiously around the clocking answering questions, commenting on posts, attending events, developing content, chatting, speaking, doing everything but eating and sleeping. Maybe she's discovered the secret to cloning. Denise (et al) are you guys holding out on us?

I can neither confirm nor deny rumors to the effect that the academy is developing a new Lifetime Achievement award specifically for Denise.

Best Actor, Actress in Caregiving situation: The nominees are all of our caregivees. Week in and week out, day after day you chronicle the highs and lows, the amazing and the absurd. In a stark break with Hollywood, all of them are winners. I don't normally subscribe to the notion that every player gets a trophy, but in this case it is truly deserving.

Best Supporting Actor, Actress in a Caregiving situation: All of you. To single out any one person would be a gross miscarriage of the irreplaceable contribution all of you do. Having a loved one, significant; caring for that loved one, standing in the gap, being there when others have fallen by the way side or worse never taken up the baton, caring even when they can't reciprocate in kind, priceless.

Best Online Resource for a Caregiver.  Another no brainer, @gail nailed it with her post Taking Care of Mom in which she said one of best answers we can give to the continually asked question, "What are you doing for yourself?";  we can say "I participate on"

Don't think I've been self modest. I gave myself an award too.

Best Key Grip, or Gaffer:  Jo. Have no idea that those positions are, but they're in every movie and they just sound cool.

"I'd like to thank the academy, my agent and most of all my parents who always believed I had what it took be a Gaffer."

Acceptance speeches (comments) may be entered below but if you start to hear music playing in the background... you've gone too long, get off the stage!

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